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About Us

Celebrating 40 Years

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County was established in 1976 as the Arlington Girls Club by a group of community leaders that saw a need for comprehensive programs for girls in their community. Our local affiliate entered the Girls Club network at an exciting time when our mission was progressing to provide programs, opportunities, and advocacy promoting equity for girls. Through the decades, we evolved from the Arlington Girls Club to Girls Inc. of Tarrant County, this drive for equity and determination to provide life-changing opportunities to girls has remained consistent and grown exponentially.

Girls Inc. is needed more now than ever. Today girls represent the fastest growing segment of the juvenile justice system. The U.S. still has the highest teen pregnancy rate among developed nations. And sadly, the most easily overlooked reality is that girls are still frequently left out of the highest expectations and opportunities in math, science, technology, and academic achievement and lack the skills to be confident leaders in their schools and communities.


Girls thrive when they receive messages of aspiration rather than limitation; when they have access to positive role models; and when they receive the resources necessary to overcome challenges.

With the right people, environment, and programming, Girls Inc. girls are empowered to set high expectations and succeed. Girls build confidence and embrace positive decision-making, take charge of their health and well-being, and achieve academic,
personal, and career goals. As a result, they will provide themselves and their families with economic opportunity.

Girls in Tarrant County participated in these life-changing programs and experiences because of your support and advocacy in our community. With you in her corner, girls are identifying their unique strengths and building a sense of sisterhood, not

competition. With you in her corner, girls are receiving the tools they need to succeed academically and plan for post-secondary education. With you in her corner, girls are making healthy choices, physically, and emotionally.

With you in her corner, SHE WILL SUCCEED! 

Thanks for Supporting Girls Inc. of Tarrant County!
We’ll use every penny to provide the programs, opportunities and experiences the girls need to grow up healthy, educated and independent!

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