The Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County is an organization dedicated to providing “love, hope, respect, and a new beginning” to the homeless of Tarrant County. They have been serving the Fort Worth area for over 100 years!

This week, five of our girls from Eastern Hills High School dedicated three hours of their evening to serving the homeless at UGM. The girls served food and distributed meals to each person. We were very impressed with how the girls worked tirelessly in fulfilling their given responsibilities.
UGM appreciated their hard work as well. One staff member described them as a “quiet storm” because they served the meals and cleaned up rapidly without any protest.
Most importantly, the homeless appreciated the girls’ kindness. “You are awesome,” a boy said to one of our EHHS girls. Our girls are amazing and we couldn’t be any prouder of them. This was an excellent opportunity for the girls to give back to their community and work with the friendly staff at UGM. We would definitely love to help again in the future!       

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