My first day of college

My first day of college was better than I imagined. TCC Trinity River campus is gorgeous and I am glad I chose this school for myself. I was nervous to be on campus for the first time, but I was relieved to see some old friends.

I had a break between classes and I decided to visit to the Campus President, Dr. Fulkerson. She sent me a note earlier in the summer congratulating me on my scholarship and inviting me to introduce myself, so I went to meet her. When I approached her office, I had second thoughts. Doubt and fear overcame me, but I thought about the lessons of courage I learned at Girls Inc. I stood outside of Dr. Fulkerson’s door telling myself, “You can do this, you can do this,” several times.
I walked in, she greeted me, and we visited for over an hour.  She expressed interest in my education, shared information with me, and even offered to be my mentor.  I wanted to cry.  I never imagined feeling this supported at school. Thank you TCC and Girls Inc.! I love college.

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