Maker Mavens

Spring Dates: January 20th February 24th March 24th April 21st May 19th Time: 10:30am-1:30pm Location: 1226 E. Weatherford St. Fort Worth, TX 76102 What is a Maker? She is a creator, an inventor, and a do-it-yourselfer. She uses her curiosity and lots of different tools and materials to make creations that solve [...]

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Day of the Girl 2017

This page is for the Day of the Girl March on Main Street. To Register for the Day of the Girl After-Rally please go HERE. October 20, 2017 2:00 p.m. Tarrant County Courthouse, West Lawn Registration is $25 per person and includes t-shirt Don’t miss out on THE girl power event of [...]

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College Shower 2017

Traditionally, showers are held for a major transition in life like getting married or having a baby. At Girls Inc., we believe in preparing a girls for college and careers that will lead to their BOLD futures. The Girls Inc. College Shower honors our scholarship winners and college-bound girls by providing them [...]

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Magic Mysteries

Demystifying the scientific concepts behind magic tricks – abracadabra! We will learn to be both magicians and scientists while experimenting with optical illusions, disappearing ink, inertia, properties of matter, and more! Girls at Science, Math, And Relevant Technology (SMART) Camp will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning activities centered around each week’s theme. They will [...]

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Sticky Stuff

Calling all things goopy and sticky! This week, we will really test our “ick” meter by learning first-hand how chemical bonds work to bind together substances. We’ll explore polymers by creating and testing out different types of slime, investigate how molecules interact to make things like honey sticky, and how shapes and surface area can make [...]

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Science Snacks

Who knew science could be so tasty? We’ll cover food science concepts such as nutrition, the chemistry of baking, shelf-stability of food, and fruit DNA extraction. We will practice food processing, preservation, and packaging in our own lab classroom and find out if Twinkies really do last forever! Girls at Science, Math, And Relevant Technology [...]

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Survival Sisters

We will work as a team to learn outdoor survival skills and practice them indoors! We’ll learn navigation by creating bedroom ceiling constellations, test our engineering skills by building impromptu shelters, make our own water filters, and make our own wilderness survival kits. Girls at Science, Math, And Relevant Technology (SMART) Camp will have the opportunity [...]

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Dirt Divas

Unearthing subterranean science! We will get our hands dirty while exploring concepts such as geology, archaeology, plate tectonics, and agriculture, and composting. We will visit the Girls Inc. community garden plot and even create our own Girls Inc. “Chia Pets.” Girls at Science, Math, And Relevant Technology (SMART) Camp will have the opportunity to engage [...]

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Girls Inc. Maker Mavens

Attention 6th and 7th grade girls! Join us on Saturday May 13th for the Girls Inc. Maker Mavens Day.  We will be creating sewable circuits with conductive thread. We will also make our very own battling bristlebots! And back by popular demand - we will also have Sphero chariot races!   Space is [...]

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