40th Anniversary Gala

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County is 40! Join us in celebrating 40 years of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We will take a look back at our humble beginnings and dedicated leadership and look forward to increasing the number of girls that we serve in Tarrant County with [...]

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Day of the Girl

Don’t miss out on THE girl power event of the year. Join us in celebrating the Day of the Girl with hundreds of our closest friends as we March on Main Street. This event brings awareness to our  mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold and to the [...]

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College Shower

Traditionally, showers are held for a major transition in life like getting married or having a baby. At Girls Inc., we believe in preparing a girls for college and careers that will lead to their BOLD futures. The Girls Inc. College Shower honors our scholarship winners and college-bound girls by providing them [...]

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It’s a Small World! – The Math and Business of Theatre

Lights! Camera! Action! Join us for this summer SMART camp which gives girls the opportunity to learn about acting, theatre, and the math involved in creating a successful show! Girls will have the opportunity to learn and showcase acting skills and all of the aspects that are required to create an on [...]

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College is Knowledge & Knowledge is Power

Discover the superpowers that make you a She-Ro in this world!  This week of camp includes problem solving, competition and using your inner super-shero to learn about your personal strengths and powers.  Together the girls will work in teams to develop collaborative team building skills. This week will girls will have the [...]

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Get your Game On! – The Science of Sports and Nutrition

If you are interested in learning about sports and nutrition this is the camp for you. “Get Your Game On” will offer a unique opportunity for girls to meet professional female athletes and other professionals in the sports and nutrition fields.  The girls will also have the chance to learn about different [...]

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Underneath the Stars: The exploration of Astronomy and Geology

Underneath the Stars will give the girls the opportunity to become more familiar with the earth, moon and stars by engaging in hands on adventures.  Girls will get the knowledge and awareness they need to better understand the world we live in. Activities for this week include a field trip to the [...]

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Fashion Camp

This week will be all about the industry of fashion and the scientific elements that play a role in making the fashion industry one of the hottest markets in the world. Girls will get hands on experience in designing clothes and accessories using everyday household items.  The week will end with a [...]

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Annual Celebration Breakfast

Please join us in Celebrating 40 Years of Fueling Her Fire at our Annual Celebration Breakfast. This event showcases Girls Inc. girls and their supporters and the work that is being done to develop more strong, smart, and bold girls throughout Tarrant County. Register today and invite your friends. You do not [...]

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