What is mentoring?

All of our programs incorporate mentoring. Mentors are a volunteer, paid staff member, older Girls Inc. girl, or peer who encourages the best from the girl they are mentoring. Our mentors build lasting, trusting relationships and create safe spaces for girls to take risks and push themselves. Girls Inc. mentors are there to support girls every day and every step of the way, helping to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to counter stereotypes and obstacles and achieve their goals. Effective mentors are the cornerstone of the Girls Inc. approach to serving the whole girl with experiences that enable her to discover her own strengths and thrive.

How do I get my girl involved?

We are so happy that you want a girl in your life to become a strong, smart, and bold Girls Inc. girl! Girls Inc. of Tarrant County works directly with schools, libraries, and other community partners to find program sites across Tarrant County, including Fort Worth ISD and Crowley ISD. Please check with your school counselor to see if Girls Inc. is at your school. We are always expanding our sites, so if your school is not currently a Girls Inc. school, it could be soon.

Why just girls?

The all-girl, pro-girl environment enables girls to plunge into activities without worrying about whether they belong or not. Gender-specific programming lets girls focus on their real interests, at their own pace, free from biases in traditionally male-oriented skills or fields of study.

To prepare for interesting work and economic independence

To accept and appreciate her body

To take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in her success

To express herself with originality and enthusiasm

To be herself and resist gender stereotypes

The purpose of Girls Inc. programming is to enable girls to achieve their full potential. To do this, girls must conquer social, legal and cultural barriers that are inherent in gender, racial, and income inequity. By providing space and programming that is targeted specifically to girls, their needs and their unique challenges, Girls Inc. puts them on a level-playing field with all their peers as they grow in life and develop into professional and responsible citizens.

According to a study commissioned in 1999 by Girls Incorporated and conducted by Harris Interactive, more than half of high school girls are very dissatisfied with the role gender stereotypes play in their lives.

78% of high school girls said that, in schools, boys think they have a right to discuss girls’ bodies in public.

65% of all girls said girls are expected to spend a lot of their time on homework and caring for younger children.

81% of high school girls said girls are under a lot of pressure to dress the right way.

Nearly twice as many girls as boys (47% compared to 29%) believe that girls and boys are more the same than different.

Girls with the highest scores on quality of life were more likely than girls with low scores to feel that girls have the same abilities as boys (50% versus 42%).

What if Girls Inc. is not at my school?

While most of our programs have a closed enrollment process at schools, we have programs that all girls can participate in. Please check our Event Calendar for an updated list or call our Fort Worth Office to speak with a Girls Inc. staff member. These open enrollment programs include Maker Mavens, library programs, and summer camps.

What does Girls Inc. do?

Unlike other youth organizations, Girls Inc. has a dual focus. We work to help girls become strong, smart, and bold so that they can tackle the challenges they face. At the same time, we work to change our community to make it a more equitable place for girls. We prepare girls to be the leaders of the 21st century and we’re determined to make the 21st century a time when girls can lead. Please visit our Programs page for more details on individual programs. All curricula are tailored to the ages of the participants.