Literacy Initiative

K-3rd grade girls develop literacy skills as well as building a love of reading. Through a partnership with Read Fort Worth and the best practices set by the coalition, Girl Inc. has continued to expand literacy programs throughout Tarrant County.

Economic Literacy

By building on basic economic and financial concepts, Girls Inc. girls become familiar with money management, investment, and global economics, including gender equity in income and business.

Media Literacy

With girls facing media messages constantly, lessons in media literacy encourage girls to think critically about what they see in magazines, online, and in movies. This awareness minimizes the negative impact on girls and increases knowledge in marketing, media literacy, and social media safety.

Operation Smart

Through this broad approach for all our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs, girls are encouraged to explore their interests in STEM, learning to identify key topics in STEM throughout their daily lives. They are also exposed to a variety of careers and model roles in STEM fields.


One of our Operation Smart programs, Eureka! is a five-year program commitment that starts when a girl is entering 8th grade. This program is a more in-depth, focused approach to guiding girls to a future major or career in a STEM field. Through more intensive mentoring, year-round programming culminating in a hands-on summer camp each summer.

Girl Power!/Taking Care of Business

A two-part program for young teens focusing on health including self-esteem, stress management, healthy relationships, and health and hygiene, and pregnancy prevention. This program is incorporated into our comprehensive Girls Inc. program sites and can be conducted as a presentation to community and school groups.

Friendly PEERsuasion

A national program that initially started at Girls Inc. of Tarrant County, Friendly PEERsuasion builds girls’ skills for resisting pressure to use harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, household chemicals, and other drugs. This program also focuses on the unique pressures to abuse drugs, alcohol, and tobacco for weight loss and stress management.

Girls Beyond Bullying

Aggression, fearfulness, violence, and cyberbullying have become an all too common experience for girls as they try to navigate difficult social situations. Girls Beyond Bullying is a program that speaks to a high need that teachers and school administrators are seeing each day. Through communication skills, peer supports, and identifying negative behaviors early, girls are able to better manage situations where they see or are the focus of bullying.

BOLD Futures

This unique program builds on the topics and strategies covered in Girls Beyond Bullying, going a step further to pair self-defense techniques with intensive mentoring. This program is available only to a select group of girls that are identified as needing this program most.

Leadership and Community Action

Through the Leadership and Community Actions program, girls build leadership skills and create lasting social change through community action projects. Girls learn also how to identify needs in the community and how to gain community support for solutions.

Bowden Girls Leadership Program

A step-forward from the Leadership and Community Action program, the Bowden Girls Leadership Program, established by the Bowden Fund-North Texas Community Foundation, is a year-long program within the Fort Worth Independent School District that builds strong school and community leaders from a select group middle and high school girls. They use leadership skills and community strategies to become Girls Inc. change agents and practice these skills within their families, who are invited to select workshops.

College and Career Readiness

Girls Inc. works with primarily first generation college students to apply for scholarships, financial aid, and college programs. It also prepares girls for the basics of student life on a college campus and balancing work and school.


In their senior year of high school, girls in this program are partnered with a volunteer mentor and provided in-depth college preparation programs. This program continues through the end of participant’s freshman year of college.

Girls Inc. Experience

Whether girls are learning to read, develop a business plan, design a website, or leading a town hall discussion, there are common threads that run through Girls Inc. programming and help ensure girls’ success. We use these criteria to create consistent experiences, outcomes, and levels of quality in everything we do for girls.

A physically, socially, and emotionally safe place.

Mentoring Relationships
Trusting relationships with trained adult staff and volunteers.

Intentional & Compensatory Programming
Holistic programs that provide access and exposure to new opportunities.

Research-Based Curricula
Relevant, field-tested curricula that build girls’ knowledge, skills, and mind-sets.

Interactive Skill-Building Activities
Girl-centered, motivating, and engaging programs

Sustained Exposure
Programming and personal connections over time to increase positive outcomes

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is that the Girls Inc. Experience leads to these long-term outcomes:


We inspire girls to make healthy choices, have a sound body image, and recognize healthy relationships.


We inspire girls to be motivated to achieve, improve their performance in school, graduate from high school, and set and achieve personal, educational, and career goals.


We inspire girls to use her own voice and advocate for others, have the skills to resist pressures, regulate her emotions, have a the ability to apply the life skills she has learned, and be resilient.

Interested in Girls Inc. Programs? Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Girls Inc. programs are open to all girls and does not discriminate based upon race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and / or religion.  Girls Inc. welcomes cisgender girls, transgender girls, non-binary individuals, and those who are exploring their gender identity or express during their time at Girls Inc. Girls Inc. does not discriminate or exclude girls from our programming based on their gender identity or gender expression.